Prayer Quotes by Prof. Fomum

Unless the prayer life of an individual is revived and kept vigorous, all that may be happening in his spiritual life may be just activities of the soul life, which are bound to be short-lived before the man and of no consequence at all before God.


  1. Prayer is the most important work on earth.
  2. Prayer is very hard work.
  3. Prayer is the greatest thing that anyone can do on earth to advance the interest of God, the Church, man, and himself.
  4. Prayer is the rail on which the locomotive of God's power moves.
  5. A man is only as spiritual and only as important before God as his prayer life is.
  6. Prayer is the greatest power in all the world.
  7. Prayer has more power locked up in it than the atomic bomb.
  8. Prayer is the one thing that puts the devil's kingdom into confusion.
  9. God's ablest soldiers are those who pray.
  10. Prayer is the priority of spiritual people.
  11. Prayer is the way to God's heart.
  12. God has committed Himself to answer all prayers that are in His will and that flow forth from pure hearts.
  13. Praying people have more power over nations than heads of states.
  14. The world is controlled by praying believers.
  15. A prayer meeting of Spirit-filled believers has more power over the affairs of the world than the United Nations Security Council.
  16. One praying man can change a life, family, city, nation, and continent.
  17. All people are open to being controlled by prayer. They all yield to the power of prayer even if they do not want to.
  18. Men are powerless against the prayers of holy, consecrated people.
  19. All things are possible to the one who prays.
  20. Praying saints know nothing that is impossible with God.
  21. People who pray never accept a no. They press on with God until their request is granted.
  22. Prayer is more important than preaching.
  23. Prayer is more important than writing books.
  24. Prayer is more important than evangelism.
  25. Prayer is more important than teaching the Word.
  26. Prayer is more important than helping the poor.
  27. Prayer is more important than every other thing in the Christian life.
  28. Prayer is the priority of priorities.
  29. Prayer is the one thing that Satan dreads.
  30. The most important preoccupation of Satan is stopping the saints from praying.
  31. Character is more easily changed by prayer than by all else.
  32. World peace will be accomplished faster by prayer than by human peace efforts.
  33. The unity of the church is maintained more by prayer than by talking, boards, and resolutions.
  34. Economic situations are altered faster by prayer than by all other means put together.
  35. The prayer chamber is the place of victory.
  36. Praying is the answer to indulgence.
  37. Praying leads to total deliverance from worldliness.

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