The Qualifications of Pioneers (Zacharias T. Fomum)

  1. Pioneers get things to happen
  2. Pioneers do not wait for people to act, they act
  3. Pioneers initiate action
  4. Pioneers are pushed by a power beyond themselves to get things going
  5. Pioneers are often very dissatisfied by mediocres who just turn things around.
  6. Without them, things don’t move.
  7. It takes a pioneer to break in and get things started.
  8. With the pioneers, trees begins to fall from start
  9. If things are moving after 3 years, then it is not the right person
  10. It is not something the person failed to put on. God did not put it in him.
  11. There is hunger for new breakthroughs in a pioneer.
  12. A pioneer is a leader.
  13. A leader is preoccupied by what is done.
  14. There is something in the pioneer that says: “let us have new breakthroughs, let us have new breakthroughs, let us have new breakthroughs”.
  15. But for the true pioneer, he keeps, conserves the results as he moves ahead.
  16. The pioneer goes where there is nothing, and storms, and produces results.
  17. Pioneers are people  who leave the comfort zone and take risk of new areas.
  18. A pioneer does not hand over and forget.
  19. A pioneer hands over to his children because he has a vision that he must maintain, and his children are part of that vision.
  20. The leader handles the situation.
  21. The leader would teach and ask: “how will it continue after me?”
  22. The leader is burdened about: building leaders to continue communicating the vision, seeing how it works, correcting the vision.
  23. Every true leader is orderly because everything is going somewhere. That is how it is in his heart and that is how it is going in his life.
  24. Meet a disorderly person and just know he is not a leader. Some orderly person may not be a leader but all leaders are orderly.
  25. Ideas are directed in a direction
  26. Relationships are directed in a direction
  27. Things are direction in a direction
  28. Every leader is a workaholic
  29. He is ahead of everybody in hard work. The leaders in history all worked extremely hard.
  30. Everyone should learn to work hard
  31. But the leader has something else pushing him to want to break the limits.
  32. The non leader is always looking for an excuse: “can you excuse me go away?”, “can I go and sleep?” the leader will die in the battle front, he cannot withdraw.
  33. Some leaders are supposed to lead 100,you give them 1,000,it is trouble
  34. Some leaders are supposed to lead 1000, you give them 10,000, it is trouble.
  35. Some leaders are supposed to lead 1oooo, you given them 100,000, it is trouble
  36. Every leader is looking for people to continue what he has started.
  37. The leaders must have people to delegate to.


Zacharias Tanee Fomum, 8th May 2006.

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