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Praise the Lord!

Before we go to directions for year 2015, this festival is commemorating our coming down to Koumé. What did we come down here to do? We came down to establish a base and a Headquarters.

To ensure the accomplishment of our goal of our mission and our goal. We have a mission, as a Christian Community, as a body of believers, we have a mission. What is our mission? We are laboring to ensure that we preach the gospel to every human being who will be alive in our generation, it is estimated that there will be about 10 billion people who will be alive in our generation. By every means, through books, through missionaries, through tracts, by means of radio, by means of television, and now through the use of internet, by every means. Through cassettes, we are going to make an effort in every direction, to ensure, that every human being, who will be alive in our generation, in every island, in every nation, in  every locality, hears the gospel of Jesus Christ, preached in the power of the Holy Spirit, backed by the power of prayer. That is our first mission. In the jargon of our ministry, based on Colossians 1, the bible backing of Colossians 1:23b: The gospel, preached to every creature, under the heavens. That is part of our mission. In the jargon of our ministry, this goal, to preach the gospel, by every means, in the power of the Holy Spirit, saturated and backed by prayer and fasting, so that every human being, alive in our generation, hears the gospel of Jesus, in such a way, that he can believe, in an intelligent way. We have termed it "The All Creature Gospel Crusade". 

We came down to Koume, to establish a base and a Headquarters, to help us to this. The 400 books that Brother Zach had to write, and the 1000 that will come from all his messages, the hundred tracts of revival, the hundred tracks of evangelism, the hundred tracts of salvation. The tracts of salvation are tracts that are a summary of the conversion of some radical members of the community that have abided for a long time. They are different from tracts of evangelism. The tracts of evangelism, like "God loves you" is preaching the gospel, from the different angles of human needs. It is  presenting the gospel, through different perspectives of human needs. Those are evangelistic tracts. The hundred evangelism tract, the hundred salvation tracts, the hundred revival tracts, the hundred miracle tracts, all of it, we are pursuing one goal. The missionaries that we are going to send out, the cassettes that we are going to produce, our presence in the "silicon valley", that is how they call the world of the internet, we shall invade it, and saturate it, and push out the devil, we shall load gospel material into internet until the devil shall cry in hell, and he will ask: "why did this CMFI come into existence?" All of that, to ensure , to ensure, to ensure that every human being in our generation, hears the gospel clearly in the power of the Holy Spirit, backed by prayer and fasting. 2

I want somebody to thank God for that. That is our mission, that is why we came down to koumé, that is why you are gathered here, that is why you are hearing us in all the nations. We are a crusading, we are campaigning, we have a goal: That every human being, who is alive in our generation, actually we have a goal, we want that every human being, will meet the gospel through our ministry in one hundred different ways: we want every human being, who is alive in this generation, will be balliscally hit by the gospel through our ministry by 100 different ways. And when he meets you, and when he meets you brother, you bomb him the gospel. Alleluia! 

Our goal, our mission, our ambition, is to preach the gospel, to every human being in our generation, as if we are the only believers on earth. There are other believers, and we know that there are other believers, and they are precious children of God, many of them are better than us, but, in the responsibility of preaching the gospel, we shall preach the gospel, as if we are the only ones that God has on earth now, that is the way we preach the gospel and that is how we are going to preach the gospel. We have a goal, and that goal, is: "That we shall present to Jesus 1 billion disciples from all the nations on earth by 2065". That is our goal and because we have that goal, we have decided that we shall count the people we are going to present to Jesus in the churches that we shall plant. So we are going to plant churches in every nations and in every localities and because we have that goal, and we must plant churches, so that we may have a unit in which to present the 1 billion people that God asked from us, we have launched another crusade, we are sending missionaries, to plant churches, in every nation, in every nation, in every nation and our bible backing, Oh our bible backing I shall give you three bible backing that God has :

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